• Mar 10, 2024 from 10:30am to 2:00pm
  • Location: Carlton
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A special event to celebrate all those Vespa models that manage get about on small wheels. Yes, we’re going back where it all started in 1946 on those tiny winy, itty bitty 8 inch wheels. We are talking VLs, VMs, VB1s, VNAs, VNBs, VNCs, VBAs, VBBs, VBCs, but you know who you are. There will be a 12” ruler on hand to make sure those “big” wheeled cousins don’t sneak into this event. 
This short slow meandering ride along quiet inner city suburban back streets and laneways will celebrate the joy and special feel of riding an older classic Vespa shod with 8” wheels. We’ll try to keep well away from busy traffic. There will be some intriguing streetscapes to admire as we leave a smokey trail behind us. We might even pose our collection of old girls here an there for a photo or two. We will head off immediately after the club’s monthly breakfast in Carlton. The ride will be led by a 1965 Vespa Super.
While others ride high above us, noses in the air on their huge 10 or 12 inch wheels, we love our little wheels. We’re closer to the ground where all the action is. Our low centre of gravity, short wheel base and 8” wheels make us nibble. We can zip or is that “flop” around corners with ease. That’s our secret and how good does it feel? There’s also no monstrous headset and instrument panel in the way to spoil our 70mm Panavision view of the world. If we have a fun day out then we can plan other events especially for the club’s small wheeled community.
Pack a picnic lunch to have in an inner city pocket park where we can discuss how great all things small can be. What is the provenance of our individual scooters? How far have they traveled? Where have they been? Who’s got the oldest? What’s going on under the bonnet? If you are still up for another hour of meandering after lunch then we’ll find some more lovely back streets and laneways to explore before parting ways and heading home.
Departure Point and Time
Vincent the Dog Cafe  - 384 Drummond Street, Carlton Location Map
Come along to the club’s monthly breakfast beforehand starting from 8:30 am.
Our ride departs after breakfast at 10.30 am
Book yourself into the club’s breakfast meet at this link:
Future Classic Blue Smoke Ride
If you’ve got a ten inch wheel classic Vespa and feeling left out, don’t worry, we are planning a fabulous Blue Smoke Ride early in April so stay tuned.
There's nothing quite like 8" wheels going over a cattle grid in the outback
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