• Dec 17, 2023 from 6:00am to 4:00pm
  • Location: Around Port Phillip Bay
  • Latest Activity: 12 hours ago

We unite and celebrate our club right around that big blue bay. A core group rides around the bay on a tight schedule involving as many members as possible. The target is 100 + member participation. You can ride one, two legs, or right the way round. It's all about your choice and ability. Be at one of the meeting points with a full tank and geared up, ready to ride.  It's a charity ride too, so there's a $10 rider levy, donated to our Cambodia Project. Register at a meeting point and get your badge.

The $10 ride fee is in exchange for a ride badge and a little something at our short stop in Frankston. The levy is donated in full, and we mean every cent, directly to the Cambodian charity we support.


This year's route on Plotaroute - download

There won't be a morning tea in Chelsea this year. New stop in Frankston.

We catch the earlier 12 noon ferry, saving an hour.

The freeway stretch on the western side is much shorter.

We'll finish the ride around the bay pleasantly via Altona and Williamstown.

This ride is for our members. It is no longer an open event.



6.45 AM Geelong. The Edge Cafe. Refuel when you get to Yarraville so that you can make it home.  

8.15 AM Main ride leaves Yarraville. Dad and Dave's Cafe (Bus station)  Good breakfast and coffee too. 

8.45  AM St Kilda. Shakespeare Grove car park along Luna Park. A big meeting point! Be ready to go when the ride arrives.

9.50 AM Frankston Beauty Park Car Park Frankston Football Club (Kinetic Stadium)

10.10 AM Mornington Tanti Ave. Re-group only, not stopping

12.00 Noon Sorrento Ferry. We've done a great deal with Searoad ferries and, with a club subsidy, the crossing is back to only $20 per Member & Vespa, and a pillion can cross free. (Normal gate price is $45 & $17)  Have exact cash ($20 note) ready to hand to Julie as you pass through the gate.

Lunch is on the ferry. Bring something nutritious to eat, (or use the kiosk). We need you fed and alert for the rest of the ride.

12.45 PM Queenscliffride to Portarlington. Don't miss the beauty of this ride. We'll refuel there at the United servo. 'Buddy up' and share the pumps to save time. 1.30 PM we'll ride to Geelong where we'll say farewell to the Geelong riders.

2.30 PM We'll leave Geelong, through Corio port and Lara. North of Little River we'll join the freeway for a short 15 minutes. Don't worry. We'll ride as one big convoy at a speed to suit all. Always move into a left lane. When you see the 'Blue Train' overpass station take the Point Cook Rd / Laverton Exit where we'll re-group immediately on the left in the carpark. We'll then finish the ride with a sweep through Altona Beach and Williamstown.

3.30 PM. Main ride arrives Yarraville. Drinks and snacks at Alfa Bakehouse Cafe


- We are on a tight schedule, especially to meet the ferry departure, and cannot wait for stragglers Be geared up, fueled up, and ready to ride on time. Don't gear down at 'regroup' stops. Take your lead from the Lead Rider.

- This is a club Members ride, and it's organised and marshalled so that everyone has a good time. There's a lot of variables, and a lot can go wrong, so anything you can do to assist the smooth running of the ride is appreciated.







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    Saint Kilda to, Yarraville ?



    Glad this is a Vespa Club Only event, can't wait.  Happy to assist as a corner marker or whatever is needed.


    Can't wait for this ride. 

    We will Join with Nat in St. Kilda and will continue all the way. Firgers crossed with the weather.


    Chris and I will be doing St Kilda to Sorrento, and Chris is happy to corner mark that part of the route as mentioned on Sunday.


    Great planning Julie and Greg.

    I'll be joining you all from St Kilda to Sorrento.

    Will be fun n as usual.

  • Can't see what is troubling John. And I can't see the phrase wanting 'committed registered riders' that you imply.

    We always ask members to register. If you come you are welcome on the day registered or not, and you can ride as far as you can on the day.

    We are excited that nearly 100 riders have actually registered straight up this year. The ride from Yarraville all the way to Sorrento would be suitable for your 'bike of choice' 

    The ride is for all our members, and all bikes - everyone can find somewhere in the ride to participate.

    We'd love someone to organize a group of vintage vespa to take part in the ride. We would highlight, organize around it, and promote it.

    No one is asking that you 'buy a badge' for a wave off.         


  • We have 95 members registered for the ride under this event so far. We know that many more than that will be coming. This is the first time that this ride is 'Members Only'

    But let's crack the 100 mark here. This will be the first time in the club's history that more than 100 members actually registered. Go!

    So on the day, maybe 125?


    That's great. We've got a lot of members down at Ocean Grove. Wonderfui to see you involved.


    Anthony (Tony) Walker and Janine Walker will be attending on BELLR. We'll meet the Geelong crew at the Edge provided the weather is dry and sunny 😎 See you then!


    I'm in! Looking forward to it. 😊

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