• Jun 20, 2021 from 10:00am to 3:00pm
  • Location: The Yarra to Eltham
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We're back and I want 20 bikes on this ride. New members, all members!

The weather promises a fine (and sunny) day. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Melbourne once had a wonderful Yarra Trail winding all the way from the city to Heidelberg, the bushland home of the Heidelberg art school.  It has since been cut by highways and freeways, but most of the sections are still there. Join me for a ride along the trail. It's suitable for all Vespa and rider experience. There will be plenty of stops along the way so 'bring your Kodak'. This ride is a slow one and is suitable for all Vespa and rider experience. We'll wind our way all the way up to Eltham for some lunch at Cafe Zen Den, and finally make our way back to Carlton for a final gelati stop.

Meeting from 9 am for coffee at: 

CAFE EXCELLO 99 Spring St, Melbourne <MAP>

9096749062?profile=RESIZE_710xOpposite Adam Lyndsay Gordon. Park around the Parliament Station stairs, Hotel Windsor corner, or across the road with Adam.

 Depart at 10 AM


We'll then travel through the city to meet the Yarra, the boatsheds for the classic Melbourne photo, along the Yarra, stopping at Little Audrey still skipping away, the Yarra Boulevard. Have you ever seen the Yarra at full capacity? We'll divert for a look at Dights Falls in full splendour. Then old Heidelberg which still features an original stretch of trail. We'll then wind our way all the way up to Eltham where we'll lunch at Cafe Zen Den before returning home.There will be many scenic stops along the way. Come along and enjoy old Melbourne while it lasts.



Route map for Julie's Yarra Trail by Vespa Club Melbourne on plotaroute.com

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