• Jun 26, 2022 from 9:00am to 10:30am
  • Location: South Beach Project - 464 Esplanade, Mount Martha
  • Latest Activity: Jun 26


Join us for the Morning Peninsula Rider's regular monthly breakfast at South Beach Project, with stunning views across Port Phillip Bay and Mount Martha South Beach. Here you will get great coffee, food, and conversation with fellow Vespa riders and pillions.

All members from across Melbourne and beyond are also welcome to attend.

Ride following breakfast: TBA but it will be somewhere on the Mornington Penninsula


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    Hi Alan, et al,

    Thank you for the warm welcome.  Unfortunately I did not come to the breakfast and ride due to the weather.  I have had Vincenza Vespa (yes, she has a name) for about 8 years now, but I only ride when there is no rain forecast (I do not have wet weather gear and it can be rather unpleasant) - so, apologies for not turning up.  Alan, thank you for explaining about partners attending.  Yes, I do understand it is a Vespa ride only - but it is lovely to think t'other 'arf can tack on the end, if he is out and about.  So, many thanks for answering that question.

    In the future, and in much nicer weather (I live in Seaford), I am very much hoping to catch up with you all, as is Vincenza.  I hope you managed a ride today.  If not, I hope you all had a lovely brekky.




     Thanks Julie. have a great trip! Cheers, Allan


    Hi Guys

    Have a great catch-up and great to see new members joining in.  I am heading off to Portugal for the European Vespa Days in Guimaraes, so can't be with you, and Allan and Manuela wishing you a wonderful trip also.

    See you all soon.

    Cheers Julie


    HI all, looking forward to our catch up tomorrow for breaky and to talk about all things Vespa.........and other stuff of course. :). I wont be able to attend a possible ride option though, as finishing packing etc for our Darwin/Top End holiday, leaving latter in the day.

    Ride option after breakfast:

    Hoping that there will be a ride option following breakfast for those that want to to do. If you want to take the lead and plan something, then go for it, just post here so we know. Otherwise we can throw a few ideas around over brekky and decide then. All good either way. Somewhere on the Penninsula that may involve the hills or beach location would be fine, or if you had another idea, that would be fine too.

    Cheers, Allan


    Kym and Phillip, catch you at our next breaky all being well. Cheers Allan


    Catch ya tomorrow Maria, and Oscar. Great re your COVID recovery! Cheers Allan


    Looking forward to the catch up Gavin. Bummer about the helmet situation.  Cheers Allan


    Hi Tania, looking forward to seeing yourself and Lindsay tomorrow for breakfast. Cheers, Allan


    Hi Damyn, looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at our breakfast.  You would be welcome to invite your partner also for breakfast.  If he wanted to also come on the ride, that would be ok too for tomrorow, as we have done that in the past.  As a general rule, it is a for Vespa riders and pillions. (Will seek any updated info on this for the future). Cheers Allan


    Hi, i've had to pull out. See you in the future. Philip

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