The #VespaWorldClub General Assembly voted: the next #VespaWorldDays will be held in Pontedera – Terre di Pisa (Italy) April 18-21, 2024.

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Save the date! We are expecting short timelines, and strong international demand for tickets. Not everyone is going to get a ticket.The VC Australia will collect pre-payments for tickets from members once we know the Euro prices, then we will bulk upload those applications when the event portal opens for national clubs. It is very important that you are in this intial upload. Members around the world can only register through their national club.

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The Australian advice is on the Vespa Club of Australia website:



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  • All Members who applied to register for this event have now just been confirmed. Woo Hoo

  • Members. If you are thinking of attending this event, then it's probably time to firm up a decision. The timeline and process for registration (as well as your personal travel arrangements) is very short and leaving it until the last minute isn't a good idea as the event is only 4 months away now. The VWC registration portal became available to the National Clubs today, in preparation for opening for registrations on 10 January. Each National Club has been allocated a quota,and it's expected that all 8000 places for the event will go then. 

    So far The Vespa Club of Australia will apply for registration of a team of members from VC Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and Brisbane. There's room for you too. If you need to talk this over before you commit, please contact Julie asap. Or read the information on the Vespa Club of Australia page here.




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    Dear Members

    There will soon be an announcement regarding pre-registration for this event.  We know the timeline is very short, but it has been totally out of our hands.  If you are planning to come it is only open to full financial members, as per the instructions from VWC Board and the Organisers Vespa Club Pontedera.  Further information will be posted soon.

    Cheers Julie

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