10,000k service GTS300

Hi all .. after the Coolamon trip, it was time to do my 10K service. After hearing some horror stories and the trouble of finding someone that can do the work (also the cost) I thought that I would give my scooter the service 

myself. I ordered all the parts, so I thought (read on) and what I found was not good :(

1st off I am not going to say who did the original service or name anyone in this letter,lets just say If I ever meet the person I will asking where ther did their scooter training !!

For the 10K service a Drive belt, new spark plug, air filter, oil change and Valve adjustment, Front and rear brake service.. just to name a few things that need to be done.

Now the fun begins.. I had to buy a Variator tool from USA and 99% of the service parts because no one I could find had them in stock or it was going to take ages to get them in for me.

After changing the oil and oil filter and removing the oil strainer I found that the Oil strainer o-ring on the rear of the stainer was broken.

Replaced oring , new filter and oil added.

Made a front wheel holder so I could jack up the scooter from under the centre stand as the motor had to be lowered to get to the valve assembly at the top of the engine.

Then I removed the Drive belt cover and now the fun begins. The rear bearing in the case was stuffed, dry and really "gritty" feel to it. Then I noticed something was MISSING!! The centre idler pulley

assembly and bolt was gone! On the last service the person took it out but NEVER replaced it!! The Variator dished washer was on backwards, and the drive belt was put on the wrong way!!


I have ordered a new Pulley and holding bolt from ScooterWest in the USA. 

Then I removed the variator and replaced the glide rollers and slider shoes.. cleaned the cluch assembly and all the parts. 

While waiting for the parts to arrive .. I started to change the air clear element ( I dont have the sponge type) .. someone had super glued one of the heads of the big thumb screws 

together as it fell apart when I tried to undone it :) So I ordered 2 new thumb screws also.


To .. be continued ....


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    Part 2 ..  After removing the variator and clutch assembly, I found that the drive belt had damaged the casing of the motor. See photo. This was caused by the drive belt put on the wrong way and the Variator nut was loose. The nut had become loose because the "dished" washer behind the nut was on backwards. This washer was designed to place tension on the nut and hold the assembly from coming loose on the drive shaft. At high speed the belt would exceed the limit of pulley and rub against the motor housing. If this had of gone on un-noticed much longer major damage to the casing would occur.   More to come !!! ...10473418667?profile=RESIZE_584x

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      Lol on a Older auto commuter bike (wife's) someone else in ' south Melbs ' who didn't fix the front disc and also left the master cylinder top lose and chewed edges they munted screws that was supposed hold it all together.

      boy was I wild when telephoned them

      like you fixed it myself - brand new master cylinder never went back ..... 

      I am SUPER picky with my classics and I even help build engines for others, mostly friends

      I can what will be wrong with it, definitely fix it,  it's a matter of ordering or obtaining it all takes ages 1953 1953 etc 

      my wife couldn't have me doing an auto what another bike! 

      So for my commute auto.....I don't have the time to muck about with it 

       just Peter Stevens - I just can't ever fault the workmanship 

      they may take ages ( a whole week)

      And you need to book it in a month before hand  it (especially in the Covid era) 

      10000  engine  service replace the belt the usual old trot ......fix the broken cracked headset races (yes from my front wheel stand emergency stop) replace the headlight globes because their removing the forks 

      and replace that bald rear tyre 

      but I know it will be done!

      and definitely not by some dodgy want to be mechanic in south Melbs who thinks they can service maintain a bike 

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        John , fell your pain mate, I too have fallen victim to a workshop (not in South Melbourne but up here in the northern burbs) poor workmanship. Being a tinker of most things I like you fixed the servicing and issues with the correct parts. My 10K service went above and beyond the manual as my GTS300 is my pride and joy. The trouble I had that ordering parts from anyone hear in OZ take ages. It was quicker for me to order parts from the USA and freight them here, most times I would receive them in 4 days!!  Maybe we meet up at a  Club breakfast or club trip and have a chat... ride safe ...Squeak

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          Lol 😂 

          upside my vespa fix it journey started more than 20 years ago 

          with Frank and Dean telling me to go fix it myself.........

          as a hobbyist my skill set is rather all encompassing 

          1950s 1960s (2000s)

          all aspects apart from don't weld - can't paint 'hospital allergic' to thinners

          have a very large collection of early operation manuals service manuals and factory bulletins 

          Full circle 

          now I am just doing that including the first bike in a series (I think) from their own personal collection 

          At vespa house...... 😝


    yikes.  do we dare ask who did the previous service?

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