3 Punctures in 3 days and a External USB

Hi all ... they say everything comes in three's .. but have 3 items damaging my rear scooter tyre sux !!  With all the long trips coming up I thought it would be a lot safer to replace the tyre. The tyre was only 2 months old  :(...   Removed the tyre and rim and had a new Pirelli  "Angle" 130/70-12 fitted. Cost $100.00 (inc GST and fitting). I then balanced the wheel and re-installed everything.


The next item fitted was a external USB. I know that the GTS300 has one under the glovebox panel but I use that power for my dashcam. The cost of the USB port was only $19.95 on Ebay. The wiring harness I brought from Scooterwest in the USA. Cost $25.00 approx. AUD.Part no:PP11 The USB port has 1 x USB 3.0 port, 1x USB-C port and a voltage gauge all in one. Removing the panel on the left hand side, I cut the lugs behind the cover (see photo) using a stanley knife. With the cut out removed I traced the cut-out on the back of the panel so to know where to place the hole for the USB port. The hole diameter required is 28mm. I used a Dremil with a tiny round sanding disc to make the hole. Next I found the connector which is located directly behind the cut out, separtated and plugged the USB cable into the male and female plugs - Simple!! The wiring harness uses the same fittings as the scooter wiring loom. No wires to cut and its all plug and play. Now I can charge my iphone on the run. Until next time ... Squeak.


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