Broken Hill or Bust

My old classic and I are heading off to Broken Hill tomorrow. Hope to be northwest of Silverton looking out to the big red desert in 3-4 days time. Don't have the technology to post updates as I ride but I'll write a report when I get back. Wish us luck or pray for us. David


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    Thank you for your sweet words Lisa, and Marc thanks, we'll hook up next time Priscilla is up your way. Wanted so much to come on the Vaughan Springs ride but had a clash. I guess an old Vespa is an impractical vehicle to undertake long trips but I love it. It's quite nice to see everything pass by so slowly and you notice so much. Every tree has its own character. The 'Albert Namatjira' ghost gums of the desert were magnificent. 450kms was the most I achieved in one day and still managed to stop often for photos. Although I saw wedge-tail eagles, emus, kangaroos, wild goats and every type of road kill during the 270km stretch through the flat nothingness from Wentworth to Broken Hill, I did come to understand the rational for a fast road bike. This year Broken Hill became the first entire Australian city to be listed on the National Heritage register. I loved the architecture of the place from the satanic industrial to humble ramshackle houses with nature strips and gardens of dry weeds to grand public buildings of stone. And that dry heat and big blue sky goes perfectly with an ice cold beer. Some more pics...










    Hi David, been off line for a bit ....
    Just catching up to another of your inspiring adventures
    I hear that Priscilla is the long awaited name for your trusty mare ..
    So pleased this trip unveiled her true self
    Your pictures are wonderful, beautiful and powerful.
    Thank you for posting these special moments .
    Wishing you and Priscilla safe travels and many more fabulous adventures to come
    Cheers and beers, "shake your groove thing " .. Lis xx
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      Thanks for sharing David- an inspiring journey!  Surely there must be an award for 'legendary' vespas.  Your Priscilla certainly fits the bill!


    So glad you made it home safely David and what an adventure, even staying in my home town Nhill....Love the pics and love the new name for your wonder bike "Priscilla" Queen of the desert for sure...

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      Thank you Julie. I enjoyed my stay in your home town. Here's something that will pluck at your heart strings (maybe)... a million pigeons flying over the old Nhill Flour Mill early morning.


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        Fantastic David, yes the poor old mill now home to hundreds of cooing pigeons and not much else... we walk past it from my parents house down to the pub for a vino when we visit.

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          Great photo. Old Noske Mill in Nhill is one of my favouites,

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      Wonderful photos David, great colours.
    Well done David and Priscilla.


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