Hi Members

It's the usual call out for corner markers for the Around The Bay Ride. Can you help?? The ride can't happen wiyhout you.

A Corner Marker.

  • Wears a distinctive Yellow Vest
  • Rides Behind the Ride Leader
  • Marks a corner as directed by the Ride Leader, directs the ride through, and waits for the Tail Rider.
  • Then rejoins the ride and makes their way to the front again at the next regroup.
  • Then repeats.

We need a core group who can support the ride from Yarraville to Yarraville. Whatever you can do we need to know which sections you can help us: eg, "St Kilda to Sorrento"

If you can help, please add your details as acomment below.



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    Hi Greg , I am planning to do from St Kilda all the way around , I can help for corner marking 


    I can be a corner marker but only joining from Chelsea.

  • Hi all

    I really need to start confirming a team of corner markers. It is going to be a big day.

    I really need a core team of about 5 who will ride Yarraville to Yarraville, and I can pick up more as we go around. Some sections will need up to 10 markers.

    At the moment I have Mark A. 

    Anybody else?


    I should clarify, I'm doing Yarraville to Yarraville.  Happy to do what you require.


    I plan to do the full ride and happy to do as much or as little as you need, Just let me know.


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