Club Public Liability Insurance 2022

Hi everyone

Just letting you know that the Club has today renewed its Public Liability Insurance for a further year.

Vespa Club Melbourne Inc Certificate of Currency.pdf

All events organised and endorsed by the Vespa Club of Melbourne and its members are covered by this insurance. That is, the events published on this website. This is another important service the Club provides to Members.

It means that for all club events, the Club as an entity, elected office bearers, ride organizers, and ride participants, are indemnified against possible claims and litigation arising from death, injury, and property damage.

This is a safety precaution taken by the Club and is covered by your annual membership fee. It's also a requirement for our participation in official events (ie the Lygon Street Festa), and also when we meet and park on private property.

It's one of the reasons why the Vespa Club of Melbourne is legally incorporated, and why we have membership fees.

Our policy covers our members only for general club events. Non members who choose to join a club event do so at their own risk. Remember that riding with a group or joining an event organised by an unofficial 'club' without PLI does have a potential risk.



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