Clutch rebuild GTS 300... by Squeak

Hi all ... after doing all other services on my scoot ... the final thing left to do was the clutch. I ordered the special tools and parts to do the job. Total strip down and install new parts. Should be good for another 20,000 km's ... I did find 2 things while stripped it down ... first .. I am P***ed off. I paid a scooter repair shop when I first got the scoot to put "race" springs in the clutch (This was at 2,500km). IT WAS NOT DONE  :(   When I removed the clutch and rebuilt it, the standard springs from the factory was still in the unit.  This repair shop in the northern suburbs is no long around ...ggggrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!    Next I found the large clutch spring cup that goes under the clutch shoes was worn almost thur on the side walls of the cup. All parts were cleaned, rebuilt with new parts. 



Put it all back together, road tested and it now purr's like a TIGER !!!   Total time for job 4 1/2 hours ... until next time ... ride safe ... regards Squeak

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    I have removed the last posted item due to being contacted by 2 persons who are not memebers of the club. Only FULL members of the club can leave a reply. Regards Squeak


    is that a buzzetti clutch tool? if so which model and where did you buy it?


    Good work.

    I wonder if the Northern Suburbs scooter repairs was in High St Preston?

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