8485006088?profile=originalHow many of you have an open handlebar Vespa? I’m wondering if you’d quietly like to contact me and get your name on ‘the growing list’ for a quiet 2021 invitational. 

Marc and I, Douglas owners are inviting ALL owners of early APE, and open handlebar Vespa to attend a closed private Regional Victorian event. 
depending on your make there will be limited edition canvas banners and a felt handlebar rally pennants. 


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    Tufan I don't think you'd really want to travel with everyone @ such low speeds 40 to 50 kph........9122819888?profile=RESIZE_930xOn an auto for hours on end. 

    really it's a country lane bimble about Bendigo for possibly 2 days over a weekend in November

    (we're deciding on teaming up with an local event on the same weekend maybe jazz and wine) 

    You'd laugh but so far have firm local VCoM interest and from interstate vespa club members NSW SA and QLD 

    really it's to get the REALLY OLD - very slow bikes out that we have been all been building for the last few years.... and to meet that network of people that have been swapping stories, parts and specialist advice on their builds 

    our club patrons Vespa house are also attending as they're building a '53 Douglas 

    And so an auto might will look out of place......

    there's a group photo shoot and a bit of a dress up for 'the journal' as we are all also mostly overseas members of the Veteran Vespa Club of Britain..... (Specifically douglas orientated)  

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      Just teasing John - sounds like it's going to be fun


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        9122915657?profile=RESIZE_930xReason why we are trying to limit it to Very early era bikes is the average speed will be about 40 km an hour......I kid you not!
        especially the larger vehicles they are designed or have not the engine capacity to go any faster.

        we are probably expecting about 4 of the larger wideframe variety and about 15 solo wideframe bikes. 

        So you can imagine it's going to create quite a roadblock. I can't imagine travelling within the main cohort of the modern club. 

        this is why I am already starting to produce this for the back of the sidecar, and a tail gate banner for an APE

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      Oh and Keep an eye on this fb web page as there's more conversations here



    GTV 300ie - laugh - it has open handlebars..


    If you could just email via the club email.
    You’d keep your response private. 
    who knows you might be the owner of a Vespa 98;

    and don’t want potential unwanted attention. 

    we will have quite a few rare machines, great photo opportunity an article in ‘the journal’ the widely read Veteran Vespa club of Britain magazine.

    loosely we are kind of trying to gather in Bendigo, for a weekend ride on a quite route.

    and bbq. if your machine doesn’t run it’s ok maybe trailer it up! 

    We have got 11 machines so far, four from interstate. 

    It will be the greatest and largest local concentration of early APEa1 and Douglas Vespa ever seen.

    and we are starting to get interest from owners of early faro basso.

    this will be the first type of event anyone has seen in Australia for a very long time. 

    Don’t miss out! 

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