Euro seat with AU pet carrier issue

Hi everyone

Long-time Vespa owner but this is my first time here.  Wondering if someone has a neat solution to the issue I'm having.

I bought this seat from Europe and installed it on my 2021 GTS300 SuperTech this week

Trouble is at the time I didn't realise my SuperTech has what's regarded as the "old" pet carrier design.  

We have this, with wider "lips" on the side



But the Euro bikes have this, with narrower lips


The seat I bought is sticking against the wider sides of the pet carrier and won't close.  I'm currently riding around without the bucket in but this isn't ideal.  I'm thinking I should just cut the plast trim underneat the seat to fit


Any thoughts? 


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    Hi Jeremy, I have a couple of the underseat buckets that you are welcome to test fit. Around $40 if there is one you want to keep. I'm in Carnegie. 


    Cut the bucket not the seat 

    seats are far more expensive to replace 

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      Thanks John.  My thinking behind cutting the seat was that if it didn't work I could get the foam and upholstery from the new seat transplanted on the base of the stock seat, and my bucket would still be intact.   As it turns out cutting the seat has worked pretty well.  It doesn't close quite as neatly as the stock seat but it's pretty good and once closed it sits well.9642424693?profile=RESIZE_930x9642427053?profile=RESIZE_930x

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