From the Vespa Club of Melbourne archives.

I have collected these together to send to the new Vespa Club in Perth. There were once clubs throughout Australia under the banner of the Vespa Club of Australia.


The first three pictures document an epic ride from Perth to Sydney (via Melbourne) by three riders from the Vespa Club of Perth circa 1960. The pictures were taken in Melbourne. I have no details about who the riders were, but they were obviously sponsored by Mobil. The "Julie" in the picture is Julie Guererro, the Secretary of the Vespa Club of Melbourne. You can find more info about her here.

The three riders obviously scrubbed up for the photo shoot, which may have originally been publicity shots for Mobil. Note the oil cans strategically placed in the foreground of the first picture. The text on the side of the bikes reads: Perth to Sydney. Running on Mobilgas and Mobilmix II Oil". The woman rider's bike is nicknamed 'Junior'.

The final picture is just attributed as "West Australian Riders" and I have no more information. It was bundled with some pictures of a large interstate rally held in Adelaide, so I assume it is a photo of the West Australians arriving.





Photo: Vespa Club of Perth


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    Lol Greg and Julie    

                                                                                                                        Seems that what we have here is the offical cog badge on this pennant             thus 1956-7

    Is the 'vespa touring club of western australia' one of the original and official 1957 australian vespa clubs?


    Yes John. I haven't heard of that one.

    All this histrory is in danger of being lost, and there isn't anywhere to store it.

      • MEMBER


        I have lost track of the number of attempts by people to set up online museum storages.

        Platforms and websites come and go, get hacked, and are only there as long as someone pays for site and domain etc, and all the information stored gets lost all over again.



    Hi Greg and Julie 

    I am wondering where this guy fits in the WA vespa club story 

    early or later than the original offical 1957 Vespa club Australia formations. 

    VB VNA VBA VBB in representation 

    Makers mark:  

    Sheridan,  Perth.

    with a claw lapel foot on back 

    Unfortunately the original owner died aged 83 in the year 2000, and the family can't tell me much about it.

    maybe someone in Western Australians scootering scene is a an historical geek like myself, and can answer the question.

    cheers john  

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      Note: 1958 VNA came with a rear wheel mounted behind (the rear seat) as a factory standard

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