Hi members. Here are some tips about how to set up a VCM ride. You are all welcome and encouraged to put up a ride and make one your own.

First of all you need to be a Financial Member of the Club. If you have an idea, then please put something up. VCM events are covered by the Club’s Public Liability Insurance.

Here are some resources:

How to do it:

  • Go to EVENTS and select +ADD
  • Complete the fields required and select ADD EVENT
  • Your Event will go into a queue and will be checked by the site Moderator, and will soon be put up on the site.
  • Once your Event is listed on the site, you can then edit the details as they change and are refined.

  • If you are organising a ride, it is important that you know the route well.
  • Long and complicated rides should be mapped, and there should plenty of planning notice.
  • Recommend suitability for rider experience – is it suitable for all levels of experience? Is the ride too challenging for some riders?
  • Recommend suitability for bikes. There are many different types of bike in the club, from 50cc to 300cc. Long stretches of 100kph or freeway won’t suit every bike.
  • Indicate any safety issues that riders should be aware of before they commit to the event: For example: Curved mountain roads, wet conditions, poor road surfaces, 100kph stretches, hazardous intersections.
  • If you need assistance from others about leading and organising the actual day - ask.

Here are some typical events.

You can see all of the VCM's past history of Events archived here. Plenty of ideas!

A social meeting. Example: Claudio's Anzac Breakfast

This is the easiest to organise. All you need is a good venue for members to meet and they individually ride there. The only real requirement is parking space near the venue, and members usually like to park their bikes together and see them on display.

Short City Ride. Example: Gelati & Coffee Ride

Usually a social event followed by a ride somewhere.

Joining an already organised Event. Example: Mods & Rockers

This may be a festival, exhibition, or even a charity ride that another organisation has developed. It's just a matter of getting members organised to attend it, usually with a meeting point and a ride to the event

Day Ride Out. Example: Gembrook Gourmet Garage Run

A ride somewhere, usually beyond the city, and returning. A 180k round trip means that a group can leave in the morning, spend some time at a destination, and arrive home by mid-afternoon.

Of course there are longer rides that can be planned, including overnighters. Hope the above is a start. I am sure others will add more advice below.

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    We have some 'blank' Sundays coming up. Isn't it time you put your idea for a ride up?


    Ok... this advice needs upating...


    Hi members

    You are encouraged to think about and put up a ride or event. It's not hard and there are plenty of people to help.

    For example - there is ride (already full) planned for this coming long weekend. There's no reason why another can't be put up - we are a very big club and people are ready to ride.

    Have a think about it


    Can a new (and comparatively inexperienced) member like myself organise a ride?

    • MEMBER

      Hi Viet we do prefer that a ride be put up by one of our longer standing members, but it is all quiet so please follow the instructions and then it goes to the Moderator to approve or amend accordingly. 

      We look forward to seeing what you come up with...and it doesn't have to be too long given the current weather...just something to get people out and about to get some fresh air and enjoy a ride and good company.

      Give it a go and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Greg or I via private message.

      Cheers Julie


    hint hint


    I've got about 4 in mind to put up. Anyone else want to reserve some dates before I do that?




    let's get some events organised.... everything is possible. I have one or two in mind..


    If you have an idea for a ride then see above how to do it....

    January is free at the moment so enjoy the weather and a ride...

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