I rode a Vespa all over Europe in 1960's

I know this makes me seem to be very old, but it only seems yesterday that I was riding my Vespa with my girlfriend on the back with all our possessions.

My girlfriend was living in the Netherlands, and I left one Saturday night from London to join the ferry to Belgium and rode through Belgium and the Netherlands to pick her up.

We had an amazing journey travelling all the way through Europe to Greece, and then finally to Athens, and  the port of Piraeus to join a ship sailing to Israel. We stayed in Israel for approximately a year riding all over on my 125cc Vespa.

About 10 years ago I decided to obtain my bike license, and purchased a scooter, which was not a Vespa. (Please don't hold that against me)

I have now decided it's time for me to get back onto a Vespa and sell my current scooter which is a Suzuki 200 Burgmann

So I'm on the lookout for a Vespa, it should be a good secondhand Vespa.

So if anyone has a good scooter that they want to sell, I am in the market.

My telephone number is 0433 203 713.

And when we will be able to travel again I will be joining Vespa outings.

I look forward when we will be able to travel freely, and will be taking my girlfriend all over Melbourne on the Vespa.

Allen Suss

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    Looking forward to seeing a couple of photos.

    Members put their bikes up for sale here. It's a good place to start.


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  • Hi Allen and welcome.

    Some photos of your 60s travels would be good to see, and easy to upload to this discussion.

    What size of Vespa are you looking at? 

    • MEMBER

      My photos are taken with film,and are not digital,

      I will try to find some photos, and add them to this site.

      The size of the scooter, must be 150cc or larger.



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