We have a bed available if anybody wants to join us tomorrow. 8 people confirmed for the Lake Goldsmith Steam Rally Ride over the weekend of 2nd 4th November. To recap, I have booked all 10 beds at the Golden Age Hotel in Beaufort on Saturday night. Additional accommodation is available in Lexton, 25kms away at the Pyrnees Family Hotel. At $50 a night with complimentary breakfast and residential TV lounge this is promising to be a sweet old country pub (1859 Georgian architecture). Pub meals served on Saturday night. 



If you are thinking of coming but haven't confirmed, please do so now as I will need to secure extra rooms. Not only is the event itself great (the steam rally) but there is some great riding to be had. Some pictures taken along the route are posted here:

As the Melbourne Cup Tuesday holiday follows this weekend, some people will stay in the Pyrnees region on Sunday night. Please let me know if you want to stay on and whether you need to get back to Melbourne on Monday or Tuesday.

Details of the event posted here:

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      Wow! Great pics of your ride.

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        Wonderful pics and memoirs of this epic ride.... thank you David for sharing with everyone pics of our wonderful country Victoria......

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          Incredible pics David .....gave me a chance to see a beautiful part of Victoria without been there....your a master of the country side......
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      Fantastic David

    • MEMBER

      Fantastic David!! What a brilliant summary of the weekend!

      Thanks for the effort of putting the tableaux together, just terrific.!!


    David thanks for organizing a fantastic weekend, great ride & great company.



    Thanks for your comments everyone. A mix of weather, some things to see and do along the way, the pretty State we live and great company all helped to make an enjoyable weekend. And as if we didn't already know it, the stories told by Remo on Sunday night confirmed that he is the naughtiest boy in our club. In fact he is the King of Naughtyland. Thanks to Matylda for staying awake all night long to protect us from the hotel's ghost so the rest of us could have a good night's sleep. Lisa's endless energy for silliness and for climbing things provided entertainment at each stop. Rolf's ability to fix things was educational. And thanks to all for putting up with a classic-speed ride and a bit of dirt. You all rock!!

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      Thank you for a great weekend David. The route was fascinating and your planning faultless. I would recommend your rides to everyone.

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      I didn't say this morning (not wanting to scare everyone).... but there was a ghost in the night at the Lexton.... shrieks in the night, and rapping at the door... was it Remo.. or ...


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