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Hi Everyone.. 
I have recently purchased a 2012 GTS 300 and the previous owner has replaced the original mirrors with smaller slimline mirrors. I'm only a learner and have wide shoulders so can't actually see what's in the mirrors except my jacket (haha not helpful). 
I have the original mirrors but the thread doesn't match what's there. I need some sort of adaptor that is smaller on the inside to make the thread on the outside wider.. I hope this makes sense, I really don't know what i'm talking about but trying to learn. 
I just need to know where on earth I can get these screws/adaptors? I tried a bike repair place but someone was going to get back to me and never did. Would I get something like this at Supercheap Auto or will I have to track down an original part from somewhere?

Also the badges have been removed and I want badges, so would the best place to get them be a place like S.I.P ScooterShop?

I can't wait to go on a ride with you all when I get my confidence up and you come past my area (Sunbury/Calder Hwy area). 

Thanks in advance. 

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    is what you need. They have all the parts and accessories you need.

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