No more brake squeal !! on GTS 300 ABS Super 2019

Hi all .. most large scooters get rear brake squeal .. and its a pain in the you know what. After some home work and some oversea's parts order I can now pull up in stelth mode as the rear end is as quiet as a mouse!!

So after I completed my FULL 10k scooter service myself ( took a full week!! ) I removed and cleaned the rear brake calipers, replaced the brake pads with Sintered Copper linings / pads and add anti - fiction shim tape to the rear of the pads. The brakes now grip like a bulldog. If you what more information .. message me and I will help you out :)  The white stick you can see in the first photo is a brake pad separator. It helps guide the caliper and pads onto the brake disk with ease, after the pads slide on to the disk you just pull the white stick out and no more tears trying to open the pads up and place the assembly on the disk all at once!  See photos below.10481171700?profile=RESIZE_710x10481172696?profile=RESIZE_710x10481169683?profile=RESIZE_710x


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