Original VCoM bar badge

An original and very rare VCoM bar badge from c. 1959. Simple but very beautifully done with etched vertical background lines. This badge was owned by Jim Corrigan, an original member and former Club Captain. Jim passed away early this year and the badge has been donated to the club by his widow Joan.
We'll be reproducing these in the near future, now that we've also found an Australian foundry who'll make them.

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    It is such a treasure, it was lovely of Joan to donate this to the Club.

    I had a lovely catch up with her and she was telling me some more of the adventures they used to get up to back in the early 60's.  The one story that impressed me the most was when the VCM members all rode over to the Adelaide Rally and upon hearing that the team from WA were exhausted from falling off their bikes on the dirt track across the Nullabor, everyone who had arrived at the Rally and were rested, jumped on their vespas with a pillion who was also a rider and they went out 200kms to meet up with the WA Club. The WA members were pillioned back and rider pillions followed behind riding the WA members bikes for them back to Adelaide. 

    These young riders thought nothing of riding across the state and further travelling to Rallies all bunking into in Scout Halls, having showers in the local police stations, and back then although the traffic was a lot lighter, the roads were mostly dirt.  I could have stayed listening to Joan's stories for hours but I had to visit another friend the same day.  Thank you.

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          The 'now extremely rare' circa 1959 Vespa Club of Melbourne badge; as featured in the hugely collectable book 'Vespa forever'. 

          All of current club members with models from 1957 to '62 are extremely excited about this news of a re release of this badge! 

          perfect for a classic of this era 

          thank you 

          Julie, Greg and Joan 

          for sharing this with us. 

          john k 

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