Recommended mechanic for service North/West.

Hello. If any, I am looking for some recommendations for a mechanic closer North/West (Tullamarine) for servicing.

I was using MMF in Spotswood because they not only did a good job but offered free transport. Unfortunately, they are now charging $100 for the transport service due to diesel prices. While I'm happy to pay a transport surcharge, that seems rather steep.

Due to the amount hospital appointments I have now, as hospitals are coming back online, I decided to pay the $100 transport fee only to be told their truck now is currently out of service. Further, they are heard getting a hold of as they don't have their direct service number connected anymore and don't seem to return calls. I have a feeling they don't want to be doing transport anymore or they are super busy these days.

Before MMF, I went to PS's service centre in Kensington, but they appear to be closed down now. I see Melbourne Scooters is now a club sponsor, but not sure about a pickup/ delivery service.

So yeah, trying to find the closest recommended place for servicing. My health permitting, I'll start doing my own essential services (oil, filters, etc.), but the bike is due for the major 10k, plus I want to get the drive belt done simultaneously.

On a side note: I just noticed while doing some Googling around this morning that Suzuki Raceway Motorcycles in Niddrie is now Essendon Motorcycles & Mowers. I used them back in the day for my Bandit 1200 servicing at Raceway; besides being pricey, they always did an ok job, and it's closer to me. Has anyway heard or had experience with these guys now it's Essendon Motorcycles & Mowers? 

Also, Melbourne Scooter Mechanic in Brunswick came up in my google search; if anyone has used them before? They are close enough for me to Uber home and back while the bike is in for service.

Cheers, Leo.

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    Eurobrit Bikes in Greensborough services Vespa.


    Hi. I had my 10K service done at Melbourne Scooter Mechanic in Brunswick today, and for those who may find this thread in a future search. Gaurav (Garry), the owner, was extremely knowledgeable, fast turnaround, excellent work, explained everything and fair pricing.

    I've only got a modern, but he had a few classic Vespas in the workshop he was currently working on/ waiting on parts that he was happy to show me and have a chat about them.

    They have my recommendation for what it's worth, and it's great to find a mechanic a little closer to home. Cheers, Leo.



    Hey Leo, Advent Motorcycles (formerly Melbourne Scooters) are a new Vespa Dealership in South Melbourne however, I believe they do a pick up & delivery service.  I don't know what they charge but I can recommend them.  You can't contact them on 0430 396 764.  All the best.

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      Thanks, Mark. I appreciate the suggestion.

      I ended up getting it booked in at Melbourne Scooter Mechanic (going in tomorrow, actually). I couldn't find anything negative online; their communication and pricing breakdown of parts and labour was great; so I thought I'd give them a go. Fingers crossed!

      Cheers, Leo.

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        No worries mate, I'm sure they'll look after you. Cheers 


    Hi Leo

    Sorry but there aren't that many places around.  I didn't know that MMF have started to charge a fee for transport but I do know that they were struggling over December/January as staff were sick with Covid so it was very difficult to do everthing with just one or 2 on deck. I don't know why you'd have trouble contacting them either so I will look into that as well.

    They are the closest on this side of town that I know of.   Hope someone else can come up with some other suggestions.

    Cheers Julie

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      Hi Julie.

      I believe they have been charging for a while; I know Anthony had a service in August last year and was charged $80, but it appears the price has gone up again. As for still being short-staffed, I'm not sure, maybe. All I know, from getting a message from reception from my call this morning is, the truck is out of service and they will contact me when it’s fixed to organise a service. Maybe?

      As for communication and contacting them, their servicing or breakdowns phone number has been disconnected and now they only have one number (previously was the crash repairs or spray-painting number). This goes through main reception, and unfortunately, over the last few weeks, it’s been a case of leaving a message and hopefully, someone will get back to me from the workshop.

      Distance-wise isn't huge between them, Vespa House and Melbourne Scooters; so if it's a case of no towing service available or expensive towing, then the choice doesn’t really matter so much.

      Saying all that; unless I hear any bad feedback, maybe I’ll give “Melbourne Scooter Mechanic” in Brunswick ago. It would be fantastic to find a reliable service on this side of town for members.

      Cheers, Leo.

      Melbourne Scooter Mechanic
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