How was your trip? Show pictures :)


    Wow that's some coverage in a short time Louis, hope you got to visit some sights along the way. :)  Hope you caught the great weather we had over the weekend.

    Cheers Julie

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      started early and finished late each day so could stop a lot for the sights.  sadly the stick shed you suggested was closed at 8am when I arrived, didn;t open till 10am.

      the weather was damp for the first half of friday but that way I avoided the heat up on the river later in the ride.  otherwise lovely weather


    Pics at


    Here's the route I took.  4 days / 1987km



    Hi Louis

    If you wish to join us to do the first leg of our Ballarat weekend, please let us know on that Event page so we know to wait for you and so you know all the details.

    Cheers Julie


    Hey Julie, it's looking like maybe the morning of the first day I could ride along to Ballarat with you guys.  Although my planned dates are *very* loose as I'll simply go when the weather forecast is good.  Do you know what route you'll take? eg via Brisbane Ranges i'm guessing?


    Damn David, that's tooooo much info :-)  Lots to pick from that.


    current *rough* sketch is 

    day 1: Richmond -> Mount Arapiles

    day 2: Mount Arapiles -> Mildura (via Silo Art)

    day 3+4: along the river via Swan Hill and Echuca -> Richmond

    basically 400km days + 3+hours each day exploring etc  


    Hi Louis,

    Here is a suggestion for a 4-5 day ride to Victoria's northwest. Mildura is usually warm and dry at this time of the year and the vineyards and citrus orchards are magnificent. I went via the Murray River once I got to Kerang. If you like rough and ready pub stays then I can thoroughly recommend the Victoria Hotel in Ouyen.

    This was my 1360 kms route:

    Heck, if you get to Mildura you might as well pop over the border to Wentworth to see the juction of the Murray and Darling Rivers. And if you get to Wentworth why not keep going for another 270 kms to Broken Hil along the Silver City Highway? Hee hee..

    You can also have fun puddling around the Pyreness for a few days.

    Best wishes for a grand adventure, David

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