Mario,I have owned my Gt200 for 11 years and its a great scoot to have and enjoy.Very reliable,great balance and responsive.Luv the brakes and the Leader engine...manual carb system works well and servicing is not that complicated....pleanty of spare parts available...and some bling if you want to introduce any ad ons for personalisation.

    Hope it works out for you,Brighton Belle ( Mike)

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      Thanks Mike... I`m loving the scooter even though I haven`t had much of a chance of riding it much... 


    Hi Mario, I've had my 2006 GT200 for abt a year now and I'm still happy. Mine is high KMs with a new engine in  excellent condition. Extremely comfortable, starts first time, front and rear disc brakes, water cooled. Read the reviews and blogs and you will find a few caveats but the carby GT200 is available for a clear margin below the injected 250i making it (i think) a good value proposition at the right price. Happy to discuss further ... JohnF 0418 552541

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      Thanks John, I appreciated your opinion and experience on the GT. I was quite impressed with its comfort and power for a 200cc scooter. I`m thinking of taking it in for a service/check over, just for peace of mind. 

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