We know that many of our members also own and ride motorcycles. This page is for you to talk about motorcycles and organize rides on the dark side of the Vespa Club.  Enjoy the ride. Vroom!

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    Big wheel resuscitation in progress.

    Long back story but my Ducati Desmo 250 racer is currently in reassembly mode—after a 'quick' engine removal for a long overdue check, refurbish and internal clean-up. This included a 1st OS rebore, piston, rings. A valve reseat and the ritual reshimming the rockers.

    If you're a Desmo familiaristi you'll know that means a couple of evenings with Doctor Micrometer, and some basic arithmetic—as Desmos have both opener and closer rockers to operate the valves rather than relying on heavy valve springs.

    The process also requires a visit to Professor SWEARY on occasions as it involves a number of assembly, measure, disassemble, measure, and reassembly processes to get it all perfect. Then its good for another 40 years...

    The internals of a Desmo engine are quite unique but also endearingly simple—so like the Vespa engines—basic, functional and   very serviceable.

    Naturally this 'quick' rebuild has taken most of the year...

    I'll follow with some photos, for the curious.

    Wow Sheryl,
    I know many who have driven it and it is an experience, great you have so much time.
    What an adventure, we have to have a ride and catch up when you get back. Cheers Leonie

    sounds great Sheryl - very jealous!

    I just sold my Goldwing and took a huge cruiser thing as a trade in....

    have fun, and as my workmate says beware the wind on the Nullabor.



    Hello everybody,

    My other 'child' is a BMW F650GS. I am planning to do the bucket list thing and ride across the Nullarbor this October - yep in a week's time. Taking 3 weeks to ride there, around and back. Looking forward to it (I think) and some more riding when I get back, both on the "Dark" side and Vespa side. Hope the bike and I make it! Cheers, Sheryl


    Big wheel folk,

    Now is the time to stand up and shout "I AM A BIG WHEELER AND PROUD!"…Ok, a bit over the top. BUT…(James and Pete) what is next? Perhaps now that we are outed we should think about what this means. What can we enhance the VCoM experience?

    Oh I'm on the big wheel darkside! A little bit scared...

    Interesting initiative. 

    I have some diverse motorcycling interests so this is a great opportunity to connect and see what others are doing too.

    I'll start this off.

    I own three BMW motorcycles, one as regular transport, one on club reg and one dormant. (along with a dormant sidecar)

    Other bikes are Italian—A Benelli and a small capacity racing Desmo (track day anyone?)

    …And naturally a Vespa.

    My other motorcycling interest is Observed Trials which  I haven't done for a few years now but plan to look at competing again once I find the particular model I'm looking for.

    Looking forward to see what other members interests are and how this connects with the bigger Vespa picture.


    The big wheels thank you.....

  • Hi James. You are the administrator of the group. I have invited everyone I know who has a motorcycle to join. The group is 'open' so that everyone can see, and join.

    Thanks Greg, this is a great idea.
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Dark Side Ride

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That extra 1000cc's

Now the wife has her L's and only the one Vespa to share. Finally took the Bandit out from its year hibernation (was supposed to sell it for the Vespa)Anyway, as much as the Vespa is so comfortable to ride the extra 1000cc's between the legs was so awesome.... Don't think I'll be selling it just yet, but after a year of hibernation, it desperately needs a good service.It was fun to finely go for a ride with my wife after all these years.image.jpegimage.jpeg

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