Darren's Trentham Ride May 17.


On May 17, 2020. In Trentham is the Cavalcade of Transport held by the AOMC (association of motoring clubs) as part of National Motoring Heritage Day.

I'd like to arrange a club ride if that would be something of interest.

I'll try and plot out an interesting route to and from the event and include fuel stops.

Any tips or assistance greatly appreciated.



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    Excellent!! Let’s do That.
    Fuel? There is a small servo in Trentham.
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      I'm waiting on a reply from the organisers re: being part of the display.

      Fuel: If we start & finish in Bacchus Marsh, it's a only a 90km loop, so fill up there, both ends of the loop.

      It's still 3 months away, so, I'll do a test ride and post the "event" soon.

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      I've had a reply from "Cool Country Classics". The organising club. They are very keen to have our club take part. It is open to all. 

      I will look at ride times etc. so we can be there at 10am for the opening if we want to display our scooters. 

      I really hope we can encourage plenty of classics to come.

    Cavalcade of Transport — AOMC

    I have been working on this route in my mind for some time.

    Back roads from Bachus Marsh - Pentland Hills Rd - Myniong - Blackwood - Trentham.

    What is the time scale for National Motoring heritage Day? would the club be part of the display?

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      I have sent an email to Cool Country Classics who are the organisers of the event asking if we could participate.

      As for the ride up, how's this?

      I'll do a reccy before and might tweak it a bit. But the final route wll be depending on timing for the return home as the display ends at 2pm.

      Vespa Club Run To Trentham on
      Route map for 'Vespa Club Run To Trentham' - a 91.5km motorcycling route near Bacchus Marsh, AU. Plotted with the route planner.

    Hi Darren

    Glad to help.

    Would this be a an overnight stay or a ride up on Sunday and home?

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      I'd reckon a day trip. Ride up via Ballan, go to the expo, lunch and ride back in the afternoon. 

      Thinking Ballan-Greendale-Trentham and return. I'll look at making the route interesting but keeping time & distance in mind.

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