Wimmera Grain Silo art ride


We are thinking of planning a ride up to the Wimmera to visit the grain silo art there.

There is a fourth silo being paintednow, and two more are on the way, making 6.

Apart from finding a low season weekend, distance is the main problem. It would need to be a two night stay.

1. So it would need to be a Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Do you think that would work?

2. We would need to get up to Stawell pretty quickly which would mean a freeway / highway ride. Meaning it would be limited to scooters that can do 100 kph. What do you think?

Day 1.  Depart Melb, late breakfast Beaufort, Stawell, then turn right to Rupanyip / Minyip / stay overnight Warracknabeal.

Day 2. Wimmera ride to Brim, Patchewollock, Lacelles, a circular ride back to Warrack for Night 2

Day 3. Return to Melb


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    I came across this short 11 minute doco about Guido Van Helten, the artist who painted the silos at Brim. I thought he may have used a projection system for such large scale work but it looks as though he just works from a small print he holds in his hand.



    This will be a great ride Greg. You could offer an option to meet at Warraknabeal for those who can take Thursday off. However there should be enough time for an off highway run. I got to St Arnauds (281kms) easily within a day using back roads and that included heaps of faffing around taking pictures and exploring towns along the way. Warraknabeal 381kms via back roads would be easy to achieve. Here is the route I took on the way to the Renmark Scooter Rally last year.

    Would love to see the Brim silos at sunset as the paintings face to the west. That's possible if we are overnighting at Warraknabeal. I wonder when the other silos will be finished?

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