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Hello everybody

Would any Vespa Adventurers be interested is a social catch-up? There is a lot of VA debriefing to do. Ray and Suzette had an adventure in the Victorian Alps, another group of die-hards did a 3-day impromptu ride during Easter based around Castlemaine, Luke, Clinton and a collective of other PX riders took the long way to SA and Kangaroo Island, Julie, Rolf and others went to the Vespa World Days in Hungary and Steve and Sally got lost on logging tracks in the back blocks of Slovenia. So there are many experiences to relate. 

We had a lovely evening meal last year at the Rose Hotel in Fitzroy for our first Vespa Adventurers meet. Being winter, some people may prefer to drive so a venue with easy parking would be good. Perhaps just out of the city towards the east. The Fox Hotel on the corner of Wellington Street and Alexandra Parade, Collingwood has great pub food. 

If you think this is a good idea, just indicate your interest on the post. If the evening is a goer, you’ll need audio-visual support to tell your story, phones, pads, 8mm films etc. 

Best wishes, David

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    Thanks everybody for your replies to this event. There is easily enough interest for it to go ahead. In fact at the recent club breakfast I was delighted to learn that some of you would be willing to do a stand-up presentation. That gives me another take on how we could run this. Instead of shouting at each other across the dinner table in a noisy pub, perhaps we should look for a quieter venue, a pub with a bookable room perhaps. It would be great if people were prepared to give a slightly more formal 10-15 minute presentation of their recent adventure rides with some visual support material, maps etc. Maybe the use of a data projector would be in order. These could be the presentations:

    Ray and Suzette: Talk about their Easter Australian Alps adventure

    Stephen and Sally: Talk about riding dirt forest roads in Slovenia (Sally back in early August)

    Philip and Luke: Talk about SA-Kangaroo Island adventure (Luke can't do after end of July)

    Roy: Talk about Tasmania adventure

    Pete: Talk about 3-day Easter Castlemaine meander ride

    David: Help Pete with above and talk about doing a classic scooter Mille rally

    I’d also be interested to hear about your various philosophies on ride-planning (structured vs unstructured) and the use of navigation tools. 

    I am sure these presentations will prove enjoyable and enlightening. Perhaps we could volunteer to do a repeat presentation for general club members.

    We will keep working on this and get back to you.

    With thanks,


    Day I can’t make a meeting: Tue 23 July

    Count me in if before 9th August

    returning on 26th August . 

    Ride looks good too :) 

    Hi David, more than happy to share ride info about Tassie and Kangaroo Island/Adelaide adventures on an evening of your choosing. Suggested location sounds ideal. See you soon. Roy
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      Thanks Roy. I will try and arrange a time convenient to most people soon. I might try and find a quiet venue so that we can hear all the stories, or should that be 'presentations'. Also thanks also for braving another adventure ride. David


    Shelley and I would love to come along- Luke is home till end of July

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      Hi Luke. Thanks for your reply. A little bird told me that you had a seize on the trip, but we'll have to wait until we hear the official version straight from the horse's mouth.

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      Sounds good- looking forward to it Luke and Shelley


    Hi David,  I'll be happy to come along to discuss the ride I did with Roy, Clinton and Luke on our PX's to Adelaide. I'll finish the post-trip review of the itinerary and make it available. P

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      Thanks Philip. We would love to hear about your trip.

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