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    Give me a call Michael to discuss. Roy 0418148123

    Friday is going to be a doozy - I have a huge 3rd year project for school that's to be handed in that day, however should be clear by say, 4 o'clock? How does that suit?

    "Introduce our Vespas to each other" - just picturing dogs in the park warily sniffing each other's bums!


    Hi Michael

    Welcome to our site, I see you have already met our guys with the classics. We welcome all vespa both classic and modern...hope you can come join us for a ride some day soon.

    Cheers Julie

    President of VCoM

    Hi Michael,
    Welcome to the club from a fellow 150 Super rider - with a Pinasco kit too.
    Hi Michael and welcome to the site. Enjoy
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