The Vespa Club of Melbourne is pleased to offer this service to its members. We are registered with VicRoads as an approved motor cycle club for the issue of club permits for the concessional registration of classic Vespas. View our Vicroads Certificate here. In addition to your annual Club membership fee, there is an annual VicRoads Registration fee to cover either 45 or 90 days of riding per year.


1. We are a Club based upon volunteers, and not an agent for VicRoads. So please don't join us for the sole purpose of obtaining cheap registration. If you are in a hurry to ride, and have a RWC, then we suggest you fully register with VicRoads.

2. Membership does not guarantee that your scooter is eligible. A RWC doesn't mean it's an historical vehicle. We won't pass scooters with frames that are a mish mash of different models, hot rodded, freshly stamped and forged frame or engine numbers, or in a condition that we don't believe is roadworthy. For this reason we rarely pass 'restored. rebuilt, or refurbished' scooters from the dealers in Asia. Please do all the research needed before you purchase a 'classic' Vespa. If you are about to buy, and need a second opinion first, then please contact us for advice. 

How to register your Vespa on the CPS

The onus is on you to conduct research into your Vespa, complete all the required documentation, and present this to the Club. The Club has a responsibility to VicRoads and its members, so we won't sign off on your registration unless everything is in order. Please read everything below before you contact the Club. As you step through the process, check and double check that the scooter details, including VIN and Engine No, are correct and the same on every document.

 1. Do your research.

Your Vespa has to be 25 years old to qualify, and the VIN and Engine Numbers need to identify the Vespa. A good site to enable you to identify your Vespa is Scooterhelp. Or this site is better.  Do your numbers agree with what you think you have? 

FAQ: Where do I find the VIN / Engine number?

Read about the Club Permit Scheme on the VicRoads website and understand your obligations.


2. Proof of Ownership

All new club permit applications have to be accompanied with a document of proof of ownership or management of the vehicle. This can be provided in the form of your current full registration certificate (already registered in your name), OR if you have purchased an unregistered Vespa, an original receipt or contract of sale. The document must show the VIN or chassis number; engine number; name, address and signature of previous owner; name and address of the new owner and date of the transaction. If you are about to purchase a Vespa, we recommend that you draw up your own contract of sale to make sure that it meets VicRoads requirements.


3. Take 7 dated photos.

Front, Side, Back, Engine (cowl off), VIN number, Engine Number, Top looking over the speedo.Set your camera to record the date. All numbers must be identifiable. Print them on A4 sheet.


4. Download and print the VicRoads Club Permit Application Form.


5. Which plate are you?

There are two types of Plate. An "H' Historical Vehicle is just that - in its original form with only minor modifications. An 'M" Modified Historical Vehicle has assessable major modifications which may include: an increase in engine power beyond 40%, a different engine to one of the era, or structural changes which typically involve welding.

To see what category your Vespa is in, you must read 

VSI 33 Vicroads Vehicle Standards Information for the CPS.

If your Vespa  has 'M" assessable modifications then you will need an inspection by a Vicroads approved VASS signatory, and get a VASS Club Permit Approval Certificate. Find one close to you that will do Motorcycles. 

Location of VASS signatories.

FAQ: What is the VASS?


6. Previous registration history

Collect any evidence you have of your scooter's previous registration, such as an old registration certificate.

If your Vespa was manufactured after June 1975 and has no prior Australian registration then you must also obtain a VASS Approval Certificate, which is different to the VASS Club Permit Approval Certificate for modifications. If your Vespa is imported and has no prior Aust registration then also produce the Aust Vehicle Import Approval, and if manufactured after June 1975 a VASS Approval Certificate

FAQ: What are the rules about imports?


7. Obtain a Certificate of Roadworthiness (RWC)

Do this last because the certificate only has currency for a month. Use one of our trusted and preferred dealers.

      Roberto the Vespa Wizard in Mordialloc

      Melbourne Mototcycle Fairings, Spotswood

      Book through Vespa House in Collingwood             

      Peter Stevens Motorcycles in Dandenong, Geelong, or Ringwood

      Bhupesh at Melbourne Scooters in Sth Melbourne


8. Contact the Club

Contact The Secretary admin@vespaclubmelbourne.com.au if you have completed all above. Arrange an inspection. Currently our scrutineers are located in Mont Albert, Bayswater, Chelsea, and Brunswick West. You will need to transport your Vespa, or you can ride it if you arrange a temporary registration 'day pass' from Vicroads.

Please don't mail or email your documents. Present the originals of all the required documents and a copy of each one for our files at the inspection appointment.

If your inspection is successful, we will issue you with your final document, the Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration. This document is a legal statement of authority by the Club, so we won't supply it if there are any doubts about your application. Please appreciate that the decision of our scrutineer is final.

We recommend that you then attend a VicRoads office in person. Your Plate and log book will be issued on the day.


Application checklist - summary of documents required

My Vespa is an historic vehicle over 25 years old, no assessable modifications.

H Plate

My Vespa is over 25 years old, with assessable modifications.

M Plate

My Vespa was made after June 1975, no prior Aust registration.

My Vespa is imported and is over 25 years old, no prior Aust registration.

1. VicRoads application

2. Required photos

3. RWC

4. Proof of Ownership

5. Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration

1. VicRoads application

2. Required photos

3. RWC

4. VASS Club Permit Certificate.

5. Proof of Ownership

6. Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration

1. VicRoads application

2. Required photos

3. RWC

4. VASS Approval Certificate

5. Proof of Ownership

6. Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration

1. VicRoads application

2. Required photos

3. RWC

4. Aust Import Certificate

5. VASS Approval Certificate if after June 1975

6. VASS Club Permit Approval if modified (M Plate)

7. Proof of Ownership

8.Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration


After registration

  • Screw the Club Plate to the rear of your scooter - replacing the former registration plate.
  • A registration sticker is provided for display on the bike. You are still required to display the sticker in Victoria. Place it in a clear plastic holder and fix it to the inside leg shield facing the rider.
  • A Sticker is provided to place within your log book.
  • Every time you ride your scooter on the road, you must place an entry into the log book.
  • When riding, always carry your drivers licence, your VCM membership card, and the log book.
  • Under our contract with VicRoads, you agree to abide by all Vic Roads conditions of Permit Issue. The Vespa Club of Melbourne will notify Vic Roads, and request that your Club Permit be revoked, if it becomes aware of, or reasonably suspects a pattern of, incorrect use of the logbook and / or road safety rules. 
  • Club plates are not transferable. If you want to sell your bike in the future, you will need to get it fully re-registered with VicRoads, or sell it as an unregistered vehicle.
  • Your Plate is associated with the Vespa Club of Melbourne. If you cease to be a member, sell your Vespa, or let your registration lapse, you have to return your plate and log book to VicRoads.


Renewing your registration each year

You'll receive a VicRoads renewal invitation and form to return with payment each year. This form must also be countersigned by the Club.

To complete your renewal:

Ensure that you are a fully financial member of the Vespa Club of Melbourne, and that your financial status will last the 12 month duration of the registration.

Send your completed form, and a stamped, self addressed return envelope to:


The Secretary

Vespa Club of Melbourne

1 / 23 Everett Street

Brunswick West 3055


Your form will be signed, stamped, and returned to you within a week.

Then proceed to lodge your form and payment with VicRoads.


Some further advice from Roberto the Vespa Wizard - How to obtain a Piaggio certificate

Vic Roads will accept a certificate of origin issued by the manufacturer if it shows that the vehicle was exported directly to Australia by them.  Sample Document

If it doesn't state that, you have to find a way to prove to V/R that it was previously registered in Australia. Funny that! They warehoused all the old paper records and now they expect you to come up with a proof.

Here is the procedure to request a certificate from Piaggio

  • Log onto www.it.piaggio.com

  • at the link Piaggio & C S.p.A select SERVIZIO CLIENTI

  • At the link Richiesta Pubblicazioni select "VAI"

You will be asked to pay 90 Euros and you will get the certificate in the mail after approx. 6 weeks. They will only accept bank transfers and this could be a complicated and costly procedure as you will be charged exchange fees on both sides.

The problem is that, if the cert doesn't state that it was exported to Australia, you are in trouble because it clearly means that it was sold in Italy and subsequently imported to Australia by a private owner…. so you are back to square one and 90 euros poorer.

I can assist anyone who may need help but, as it takes a bit of time, I will need to charge a small fee for the service.

I hope this helps