These items are available to financial members of the club only. Much is provided free to members upon joining or renewal. Additional items are listed here 'at cost' and at member only prices. Prices include postage within Australia.


Metal Cog Leg Shield Badge

$22 posted

Made in Australia for our 10th anniversary. 65 mm full cast metal in the European club tradition. A choice of the Red Shield, or the Full Metal Shield. We've re ordered a small number from the factory, so our stock is limited to 1 per member order, and members only!

Shield Colour





Club Snood (Neckwarmer) $9 posted

Featuring the original 1957 club logo. Limited stock  




Club 'Snood' neckwarmer

$9 posted

Especially manufactured for us, and very popular because they work as an everyday riding accessory. 




Leg Shield Banner

$20 posted

High quality, printed on fabric, seamed, and with velcro straps for an easy fix. Banner size and print range will fit across all legshield widths - wideframe, smallframe, classic, modern auto. We measured!




VCM Key Tag

$5 posted

Especially produced with an embossed full colour logo. Rubberised, so it won't scratch your scooter.






Enamel Jacket Badge

$6 posted

A choice of two - 'Blue' badge of the 60th anniversary of the original club, and 'Red' featuring the current logo. 3 CM, it comes with a locking wheel to fit securely.

Pierce your jacket and lock it in place with the wheel. Then clip off the point.





Cog Patch and Sticker - Australia or Melbourne set

$4 posted

The official Vespa Club of Melbourne or Vespa Club of Australia 65 mm woven patch and sticker.




Pack of Three

Old Logo

$4 posted

Woven patch, sticker, and button in our original logo. Very limited stock




Club ApparelT shirts, Jackets and much more are available at our online store through our friends at Forza Italia, Carlton.

Click the image to visit their store.