Ride Leader Reimbursement

Ride leaders or event organizers are authorized to expend club ride support funds at their discretion to the value of:

Up to $10 per member for a day event

Up to $20 per member for a weekend / overnight event.

Process. The ride leader submits the receipt and their bank transfer details to the Treasurer who oversees the expenditure and reports to Committee.

Your ride / event needs to have been published on the Club ride website events calendar.

It’s not an expenditure for every event. Think of it as a small reward for a great ride.

As the ride leader, it is entirely at your discretion whether you spend any funds at all, or how much of the per member amount you spend. It can be as simple as a cup of coffee or a fuel top-up.

It’s at your discretion regarding allocating funds to non-members. However any expenditure should be accompanied by a strong encouragement to join the club! 

Keep your receipt and then submit this form for reimbursement. You can upload your receipt on this form.