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We're proud to offer a standard Roadside Assist package to all of our Australian members discounted to just $39 per annum through Motorcycle Assist Australia.

This an essential safety net for your general riding, and a recovery plan is a club requirement if you're joining a long distance rural ride. It will get you out of a difficult situation and you won't be stranded.

What you get:

  • Australia Wide Coverage
  • Accident Assistance & Recovery
  • Battery replacement service
  • Roadside Assist 24/7 365 days
  • Flat Battery / Jump Starts
  • Flat tyre
  • Mechanical breakdown
  • 25 km free towing Metropolitan
  • 50 km free towing Country
  • 2 Callouts Per Year
  • The $39 deal will be your renewal rate too.

Motorcycle Assist Australia is managed by the reputable Motorcycle Council of NSW. They also offer a Premium Plan. Check to see if you already have roadside assist with another provider or insurance deal. If not, or if this deal is cheaper than your current arrangements, then the Vespa Club of Australia highly recomm

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Sponsor discounts can be found here


8742016276?profile=RESIZE_400xGPS IMPORTS

GPS Imports (Grand Prix Spares) is an Australian online store supplying Australia & New Zealand with parts & accessories for all types of motorcycle & scooter, focusing on products made or conceived in the spiritual home of moto sport, Italy.

They also carry a wide range of performance scooter products from Malossi, SIP Scootershop and others, plus exhausts from companies such as Gianelli, GPR, Leo Vince, SIP, Sito & Tecnigas. There are close to 9,000 products listed online and more than 60,000 individual parts held in stock at any one time, with new orders arriving weekly from suppliers in Europe. For assistance with your spare parts needs contact us today.





8717196285?profile=RESIZE_400xVespa House

A scooter landmark for over 60 years

Vespa House, a landmark in the scooter history of Melbourne, was opened as a full time scooter workshop in 1956 by an immigrant from Northern Italy by the name of Vittorio (Tony) Tonon. It has pas

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Full Membership $50

Partner pillion membership $25

Corporate Sponsor Membership $200

1957 Original Club Membership $10


1. By PayPal (By card or directly from your account)

Choose Membership Type
Full Membership $50.00 AUD Partner Membership $25.00 AUD Corporate Membership $200.00 AUD 1957 Club Member $10.00 AUD



Or 2. EFT Bank Transfer (Pay directly to our Westpac Bank Account)

BSB:           033 – 396

Account:     270082


Thank you for your application. Your membership will be processed as soon as we receive your payment.


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These items are available to financial members of the club only. Much is provided free to members upon joining or renewal. Additional items are listed here 'at cost' and at member only prices. Prices include postage within Australia.


Metal Cog Leg Shield Badge

$22 posted

Made in Australia for our 10th anniversary. 65 mm full cast metal in the European club tradition. A choice of the Red Shield, or the Full Metal Shield. We've re ordered a small number from the factory, so our stock is limited to 1 per member order, and members only!

Shield Colour
Red Shield Metal Shield





Club Snood (Neckwarmer) $9 posted

Featuring the original 1957 club logo. Limited stock  




Club 'Snood' neckwarmer

$9 posted

Especially manufactured for us, and very popular because they work as an everyday riding access

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The Vespa Club of Melbourne is pleased to offer this service to its members. We are registered with VicRoads as an approved motor cycle club for the issue of club permits for the concessional registration of classic Vespas. View our Vicroads Certificate here. In addition to your annual Club membership fee, there is an annual VicRoads Registration fee to cover either 45 or 90 days of riding per year.


1. We are a Club based upon volunteers, and not an agent for VicRoads. So please don't join us for the sole purpose of obtaining cheap registration. If you are in a hurry to ride, and have a RWC, then we suggest you fully register with VicRoads.

2. Membership does not guarantee that your scooter is eligible. A RWC doesn't mean it's an historical vehicle. We won't pass scooters with frames that are a mish mash of different models, hot rodded, freshly stamped and forged frame or engine numbers, or in a condition that we don't believe is roadworthy. For this reason we rarely pass 'restored.

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1. Complete and submit the online form on this link: Membership Form

2. Pay the membership fee. After submitting the form, follow the link to the payment page. You can pay by EFT, or use your credit card through Paypal.

3. You'll be contacted by the club to confirm your membership and postage of your membership pack.

 If you can't access the online form you can download a membership form here: Membership Form Word.docx

If you just want to sign up as a temporary Guest on our website for now then just Sign Up here.

 Fee Summary

Full Membership: $50.00 

Partner / pillion Membership: $25.00

Corporate Membership: $200.00

1957 Club Membership: $10.00 once off


 NEW! Read about our exclusive Roadside Assist package for members too.


8878760872?profile=RESIZE_710xJoining the Vespa Club of Melbourne is easy.  And membership is not just restricted to Melbourne residents. If you live around Melbourne or in country Victoria, then your participation in the club is most welcome.

Members are also issued with a membership card which entitles them to discounts at businesses and organisations around Melbourne. The list of our friendly discounters is growing, so we would hope that your membership fee is returned to you over a year.

Sponsor Discounters.pdf

The Vespa Club of Melbourne has four categories of membership and eligibility.


Full Membership  $50

Full Members own and ride a Vespa motor scooter, that is a Vespa manufactured by Piaggio, or under licence by Piaggio, and originally sold with the Vespa brand. They receive a Club Members kit, have voting rights on club business, and may hold positions on the committee


Partner Membership  $25

Partner Members are the spouses and partners of Full Members who ride a scooter who wish to participate in

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1689633120?profile=RESIZE_930xThe Vespa Club of Melbourne was originally conceived by Les Smith who was a Manager working with Malvern Star (Bruce Small Pty Ltd) in the 1950s. With the popularity of the film Roman Holiday and the sudden huge interest in scooters - Malvern Star through Les began importing Vespas into Australia. The idea of a Club came to fruition in May 1957.

Vespa House had also only recently opened in Collingwood in 1956, so Tony Tonon was soon onboard and became an active supporter for the rest of his life. Fittingly, Frank Tonon of Vespa House is the Patron of the current Club.

Joan Bourne was elected to the first Committee in 1957 and wrote this short history for a Club reunion in 1986.

 "Inaugural meeting held 31 May 1957 with 22 members following the idea first put forward by Mr Les Smith. With Mr W.R.B (Kelly) Small as our Liaison Officer as the driving force behind it, the Club grew from a membership of 90 at the end of its first year to a peak of 290 in May 1960 (then the largest scooter c

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We are here to ride and enjoy ourselves  


President Julie Pond



  • Rides: 2009 GTS 300, 2001 PX200, VNB2T 1961
  • Born: A town named Nhill - aboriginal Wergaia word meaning "early morning mist rising over water” exactly half way between Melbourne and Adelaide.
  • Likes: Travelling, Reading, Live Music, Laughter
  • “Sing like no one is listening, love like you’ve never been hurt, dance like nobody is watching, and live like it’s heaven on earth.” - Mark Twain


Vice President Lisa Laidlaw



  • Rides: 1997 PX200e, 2006 GTS 250ie
  • Born: Lilydale, Victoria
  • Likes: Fun, Adventure, Exploring, Skiing, Shooting, Dancing, Nature, Art
  • "Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect." - Mark Twain


Treasurer: Tony Vescio




  • Rides: A beautiful black 2020 GTS Supertech named 'Lucia'.
  • Born: Melbourne, Australia. A proud first generation Italian Australian.
  • Likes: Being around positive passionate people enjoying life’s journey and having
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The Vespa Club of Melbourne welcomes all Vespa riders.

We have grown to become a large and inclusive club of over 500 financial members.

We aim to be an accountable, open and transparent club that facilitates rides and social activities for our members.





We are here to ride and enjoy ourselves. We will always nurture and sustain a positive and high morale within the club.


Rider safety will be paramount in all our activities.


We will always communicate with our members in a respectful, open and timely manner.


We aim to be innovative, creative and open to new ideas.

 Member Rights

We will always carry out club business in line with our rules and constitution in an open, accountable and transparent manner.



We will...

Facilitate rides to suit our members both in the city and country.

Negotiate a range of discounters for member benefit

Encourage corporate memberships.

Constantly strive to improve our member services.

Be fully

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We are a diverse group of people, meeting regularly across Victoria to organize and share the excitement of riding together and our common love of Vespa. We’re an official club, incorporated in the State of Victoria, and affiliated to the Vespa Club of Australia. Our members automatically become members of the Vespa World Club.

As an official club we proudly welcome riders of all Vespa - classic, modern, automatic, and geared. In the tradition of our parent club formed in 1957, women are very valued members.

There are crews also meeting and riding in Gippsland, Geelong, Bendigo, and the Mornington Peninsula. Attending one of the breakfast events is the best way for new members to meet us, experience the culture of the club, and then consider becoming a financial member.

To make contact with us, please Sign Up to the website and leave a message. We will definitely respond to you.



Certificate of Incorporation

Rules of the Vespa Club of Melbourne Inc

Public Liability Insurance 2022


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