We are a diverse group of people, meeting regularly to organise rides and share the excitement of riding together and our common love of Vespa. We are an official club, incorporated in the State of Victoria, and affiliated to the Vespa Club of Australia. Our members automatically become members of the Vespa World Club.


As an official club we welcome riders of modern, classic, geared and automatic Vespa.  As long as your bike was originally sold with the Vespa badge then we would love to ride with you. Women are very valued members of the club.


Melbourne meets for breakfast on the 2nd Sunday of every month, while our Geelong and Bendigo crews meet on the 4th Sunday of the month. Attending a breakfast event is the best way for new members to join in as we welcome all Vespa riders both regular and new.   


Newcomers are welcome to consider coming along for one organised event, after which we would expect you to become financial to continue to participate. The club also organises member-only meetings and rides. On large rides we ask members to abide by our safety ride protocols.


To make contact with us, please Sign Up to the website and leave a message. We will definitely respond to you.


Certificate of Incorporation

Rules of Vespa Club of Melbourne Inc

Public Liability Insurance 2021

Ride protocols