Hi Members

How are you all going out there? Cheer up because you know we'll be all riding again soon.

In the meantime here's a feel - good special for you. We are running out the last of our stock of the 'Vespa' logo VCM snoods.

There are only 6 left, and we'll post you one for $6.

That's way way below cost for these, so grab one while they last! They are popular in our club because they work, and are essential for winter.

Financial members, one per purchase, Victoria only - and only through this Paypal button.


Choose 1
Red 'Vespa' Snood Blue '57 Snood


Available only on this button. If you miss out you can grab one of the Blue '57 Snoods for the same price. This special ends on Thursday. Go!


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