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What is the venue for Australian Vespa Days Wangaratta?

The main meeting point will be Apex Park on the river in Wangaratta. All rides will leave from Apex Park, and it will also be the location of the Registration, and the Show and Shine Breakfast event on Saturday morning. The Gala Dinner on Saturday evening will be held at the Quality Hotel Wangaratta 'Gateway'. See the Program link for more information about locations.


What's in Wangaratta?

The Wangaratta Council has produced this starter brochure Wang Tourism.pdf just for you.


Isn't this the National Scooter Rally?



Is it only for Vespa?

Yes, it's an official event celebrating the brand.  It's for all Vespa - new, old, automatic, geared, modern, classic. If your scooter has a Vespa badge then this event is for you.


I ride a Piaggio made X8, X9, Beverly, Medley, Fly, MP3, Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Gilera, Derbi, Scarabeo etc.. Can I come?

No. This is a Vespa rally.


Is it only for club members?

No. We decided to open up this event to all Vespisti. The Australian Vespa Days is organized by the Vespa Club of Australia in association with Vespa Australia, and the Vespa World Club. If you are not a member and own a Vespa, then you are still welcome to attend as our guest. You're also welcome to join up. 


I'd like to join the Vespa Club of Australia to access the member subsidy. How do I do that?

Join your nearest club and wait to be processed. Then come back to the ticket page. The list of clubs and website details are here.  Cairns, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth.

Even if you aren't a member, we've made the ticket price excellent value for your money. In particular the Gala Dinner will be a great quality event.


What about classic Vespa?

All Vespa are welcome. We are working to develop a ride event on the Saturday especially for slower vintage Vespa that travel below 80 kph.  Keep watching for updates.


I'm a 'classic' scooterist who won't associate with modern automatic riders. Should I come?



I am travelling a long way and can't bring my Vespa. Can I just attend without my Vespa?

Yes, you are welcome.


Can I just turn up in Wangaratta and pay for a ticket?

No. You must have purchased a ticket prior to the event through the ticketing website.


What happens when I register?

Present your ticket and ID (Drivers Licence) so that we know it's you.

You'll receive your event kit containg information and merchandise. You'll also be given a wristband to wear - Gold if you are a Full Ticket, or Blue for a Light Ticket.

Your ticket is not transferrable to anyone else. We'll only register a person if they present in person. We won't be giving anyone's registration kit or wirstband to any third person.


Do I have to wear a wristband?

Yes. Wear the wristband for the duration of the event. It gives you access to all the rides, events, and what your ticket has paid for.


Is participation in the ride-outs and events possible for guests without a ticket and wristband?



OK I have a ticket. How do I register at the event?

There is an early bird registration at The Precinct Bar on Thursday evening 7:00PM and 9:00PM. Friday morning: Apex Park between 9.00AM and 4.00PM. Friday evening: The PInsent Hotel from 6.00PM and 8.00PM or Saturday morning: Apex Park Show and Shine Breakfast from 7.30AM - 11:00AM. Bring your ticket to the registration table with ID.


Can I pass on / sell my ticket to someone else?

No, your ticket is not transferable. We'll only register the person whose name is on the ticket and who presents an ID. If you cannot attend the event please contact us for a refund.

The event is primarily for our members and we will direct any cancelled tickets to them first.


What do I get when I register at the event?

You'll receive a kit that will include the event sticker, patch, and a commemorative cast metal cog leg-shield badge, wrist band to identify you as ticketed, and a breakfast voucher. This will get bigger as things develop.


What do I get with a Full Ticket?

The registration rally pack. Breakfast at the Saturday morning Show and Shine breakfast. Dinner and entertainment at the Gala Dinner on Saturday evening. Access to all rides. Whatever else we organize from now.

The Gala Dinner is a quality event and includes a two course dinner and coffee, and whatever else we can add in before then. There'll be some speeches and award presentations and music. Bar facilities next to the function area.


What do I get with a Light ticket?

Everything in a Full Ticket, except attendance at the Gala Dinner.


Will there be a T-Shirt?

Yes, we have a merchandise page and a quality online supplier. Merchandise page here


I want to bring my partner to the Gala Dinner, how do I do that?

Your partner needs to purchase a Full Ticket.


What are the Ride-Outs?

We are planning a choice of two rides on Friday afternoon, a choice of five rides on Saturday, and a further ride on Sunday. The Rides are described here.


What happens if I break down on a ride?

Check with your insurance company to see whether your policy includes Roadside Assist. If you don't have it then you can purchase a basic safety policy through the Vespa Club of Australia for $39. Go to Motorcycle Assist Australia, select Standard Assist. We'll be in touch with local towing companies and repair shops too. The nearest Vespa dealer and service centre is Blacklocks Motorcycles in Albury, 73 kms north.


What categories are there for the show and shine?

Check Show n Shine categories here


How many tickets are available?

Full Tickets are limited by the size of the venue for the Gala Dinner, and the absolute capacity is 270. We will advise of any decision to close ticket sales via the ticketing website.


Will the ticket price I paid be refunded if I am unable to attend?  

If you tell us up to 14 days prior to event, then we'll give you a full refund.  Tickets are also non-transferrable. After this we will have committed all the funds you have given us.


Will there be camping facilities?

Yes. We recommend Painters Island Caravan Park right next to Apex Park as the best location. Other facilities are available. See the Accommodation page for our advice.


I am an international visitor and a member of the World Club. How do I get there?

Our international friends are welcome. Plan your flight to Melbourne (Tullamarine). The nearest regional airport to the event is Albury Airport, 70 Kms away from Wangaratta. There's also a direct train link to Wangaratta from Melbourne. There will be organized rides to the event from Melbourne. Please contact us for advice while you are planning your visit, or network with Australian friends who may be able to help. 


Is there the possibility to rent a Vespa?  

Renting a Vespa is extremely limited in Australia, and is difficult to arrange. Most rental companies only offer cheap Chinese made scooters. The Vespa Club of Melbourne is trying to arrange a loan scheme through its members to make some Vespa available. More information will be available to our International visitors soon.


Will there be another Australian Vespa Days in the future?

Yes. We are hoping the next to be held in south eastern Queensland.


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